March 24-26

Banking Transformation Week will focus on one of the three key areas that financial institutions and fintechs will need to master in order to transform the future of banking: Data, Experience, and Growth. The various sessions will explore how to leverage the full breadth of your data, create meaningful customer experiences, and identify new ways to grow.

Each day, all content will be made available starting at 9:00 AM ET.

Day 1 - Get Ready
Day 2 - Get Set
Day 3 - Grow

Day 1 - MARCH 24

Get Ready | Get Set | Grow

Featured Speaker:

Ryan Caldwell, Co-Founder and CEO of MX

(with special guest, James Dotter, CFO of MX)
Topic: Leading from the Front: Establishing Consumer Confidence Amidst Uncertainty

Featured Speaker:

Sherrie Krizic, Senior VP at Local Government FCU

(with special guest, Erin Caldwell, Director of Client Voice at MX)
Topic: A Data-Driven Financial Health Strategy

Featured Speaker:

John Derrico, VP of Data Strategy at Mastercard

Topic: Breaking Down Silos - Creating a Sustainable Internal Data Culture

Bank Director Spotlight:

Brent Beardall, President & CEO of WaFd Bank

Topic: Future of Banking Q&A with Brent Beardall and John Maxfield

Featured Speaker:

Corinne Bartow, Director of Business Development at MX

Topic: Future of Fintech and 2020 Predictions

Fintech Feature:

Justin Steele, Vice President at The Points Guy

Topic: How Good Data Can Positively Impact Lives

MX Executive Discussion:

Don MacDonald, CMO at MX

Topic: The ROI of Data Transformation

Featured Speaker:

Theodora Lau, Founder at Unconventional Ventures

(with special guest, Jill Castilla, CEO at Citizens Bank of Edmonds)
Topic: Usher in the Future of Banking with a Great Data Strategy

Bank Director Spotlight:

John Allison, President/CEO/Co-Founder of Home Bancshares

Topic: Future of Banking Q&A with John Allison and John Maxfield

Featured Speaker:

Ron Shevlin, Senior Contributor at Forbes

Topic: The Big Debates That Will Shape Banking This Decade

Featured Speaker:

Bob Barr, Chief Digital Officer at First Command Financial Services

Topic: The Digital Golden Rule

Day 2 - MARCH 25

Get Ready | Get Set | Grow

Featured Speaker:

Omar Hatamleh, Former Chief Innovation Officer at NASA

(with special guest, Ryan Caldwell, Co-Founder and CEO of MX)
Topic: Disruptive Innovation

Featured Speaker:

Doug Nielson, SVP at US Bank

(with special guest, Jane Barratt, CAO at MX)
Topic: Value-Added Banking: A Win-Win for All

Featured Speaker:

Chris Nichols, Chief Strategy Officer at CenterState Bank

Topic: Innovative Ways to Achieve Growth

Featured Speaker:

Shayli Lones, Director of Product Marketing at MX

Topic: 5 Steps to Digital Transformation Success

Bank Director Spotlight:

James Reuter, President & CEO at FirstBank

Topic: Future of Banking Q&A with James Reuter and John Maxfield

Fintech Feature:

Sam Maule, Co-Host of 11:FS Fintech Insiders Podcast

(with special guest, Kara Parkey, Director of Business Development)
Topic: How Customer-Centric Design Influences Digital Banking

MX Executive Discussion:

Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer at MX

Topic: How Great Experiences Lead to Better Outcomes

Bank Director Spotlight

Kevin Riley, President & CEO at First Interstate Bank

Topic: Future of Banking Q&A with Kevin Riley and John Maxfield

Fintech Feature:

Brent Chandler, CEO and Brian Francis, CTO at FormFree

Topic: Why We’re Putting Control Back in the Customer’s Hands

Day 3 - MARCH 26

Get Ready | Get Set | Grow

Featured Speaker:

Shane Evans, Chief Revenue Officer at MX

Topic: Recap and Tips for Growth

Downloadable Worksheet:

Step 1: Assess

Banking Transformation Readiness Worksheet

This worksheet will help you reflect on your current progress and align your objectives with your 2020 strategic goals.

Online Diagnostic:

Step 2: Analyze

Future of Banking Diagnostic Industry Test

This test will give you a customized assessment of your financial institution's readiness for digital transformation, measured against five areas of success: Customer Experience, Marketing, Data Strategy, Culture and Leadership, and Operational Effectiveness.

Key Resource:

Step 3: Act

The Banker’s Action Toolkit

This Toolkit is filled with key resources that will help guide you in winning digital transformation and prepare you for achieving your goals in 2020.

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